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The Cockpit Selection

cessna 421 cockpit

cessna 421 cockpitWhen I decided to build a flight simulator I began to look at a lot of the forums on this topic.

I saw a lot of larger aircraft simulators such as the Boeing 737, 747, etc and also a lot of Cessna 172 & 182 GA aircraft but I couldn’t find many twins.

As I looked further I realised that no one had really done a Cessna twin simulator before. Until now.

My first task was to start on the layout of the instrument panel and since I did not have any dimensions of the cockpit available to me I thought that this would give me a good indication of the size of the overall components required for the build.

The 421 comes in three flavours, 421A, 421B and the one I have selected, 421C.

Now there are many variants to the cockpit of each aircraft type usually dependant on the owner of the plane.

Here are example images of the different cockpits for each:

Cessna 421A









Cessna 421B








Cessna 421C


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